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At Improved Health Insurance Network, we only deal with the best underwriters in the country, and have done since 2017. And that means easy Health Insurance for you and your family.

Our Health Insurance products are designed to be the best on the market with the sole purpose of providing you with real value for money when you need it the most with guaranteed payouts when admitted to hospital.

Whether you want a stand-alone Health Insurance product where your health is insured, or perhaps you want gap-cover because your medical aid doesn't cover certain circumstances, we are the company to deal with. And it's as easy as sending a simple SMS. No previous insurance or medical aid required to join!

Just take a look at some of our fantastic product offerings, or visit our website as provided to view everything we have to offer.

Improved Health Insurance Network

But whatever you do, don't delay -- Join today for a better insured tomorrow!


Improved Health Insurance Network

What do we offer?


Let's start with the Emergency Response and Rescue: Immediate dispatch of an emergency response unit + Issue of guarantee of payment of up to R75,000 per family + 2 per annum benefit of up to R14,000 per event + 24 hour health advisory and trauma counselling + Repatriation of mortal remains within South Africa + App for your phone.

Day-to-Day Plans (Junior, Adult & Senior): Unlimited, managed GP visits + Specialist visits + Casualty Room treatment + much more.

Hospital Plans (Junior, Adult & Senior): Accident Cover + Casualty Room Treatment + Daily Illness Hospitalisation + much more.

Dental Plans ranging from Silver to Platinum.

There is just so much on offer to put it all here, so for a full list of our benefits, please visit us at:

Improved Health Insurance Network


Mr Luigi Antoniol
Sales Manager
072 240 1835